Jammie Gold’s Bracelet Auctioned Off At The Largest Ever WSOP Main Event Winner

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Jammie Gold won this bracelet back in 2006 World’s largest WSOP Main Event. A bracelet won against the odds of 8772 competitors and worth $ 12 million parted with the owner in the auctions that started on July 13, 2013.

Coincidentally, it concurred with the 2013 WSOP Main Event. ’14k’ embossed on the clasp and the layout of the suits recreated the historical and prestigious WSOP events in history. Gold’s move took us back to Eastgate’s decision to see the ornament online in order to generate money for charity purposes! Haughey, who bought it for around 150,000 bucks, had since told news agencies that he wanted to provide the bracelet in one of the events for charity.

Looks like Gold intended not to stray away from the hierarchy set by T.J. Cloutier, Peter Eastgate, Daugherty, Paul Clark, Eskimo and Jerry Yang (Though, we can set apart Yang’s case from the other rest, as they were under seizure with IRS and offered in an auction).Before the auction night, the auction had around a three week period available for bidding, and this period saw around eight bids coming up which made the price reach to $26,000. On the next day, there was a provision by which bids could be done over the call or through being present there and this saw even more responses.

One of the bidders touched the bid to around $65,000 although this amount included the fees for the auction house as well. The ornament is one hell of a kind since it has diamonds which are more than 7 carats and there are around 260 stones stud on it. There are also rubies which are inserted to the ornament.

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