Unibet Raffle Events In January

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Unibet has been going great guns and it promises to get even bigger.

It has launched a poker promotion online that is of considerable size. This is along with the launch of a new client software known as Unibet Poker 2.0. For promoting the new updated version of this software Unibet has several promotional events lined up in its website. There is a live raffle event that will be hosted on Twitch in the month of January. This event will offer a round the world trip for the lucky winner who will get to visit the Seven Wonders of the World.

The raffle event will offer other unique travel experiences to about 33 players with a total of thousand guaranteed prizes to be won. For the event the preparations start off from December. During this month raffle ticket will be dropped at random at the different cash game tables of Unibet Poker. When a table is selected, the player who is sitting at the dealer button will be the winner of the ticket.

Others will gain qualifier tickets at the same time. There are three tiers planned for the raffle tickets and every tier comes with a prize. There would be god tickets, silver tickets as well as bronze tickets that will be awarded every day. A gold ticket holder gets to win the trip around the world while the remaining holders of gold tickets will receive other travel expedition prizes. Even the bronze ticket holders will be able to win a travel experience or get poker tickets of different stakes. The live raffle will be held on 7th January. There would be live commentary as well as streaming of this event. The prize announcements will be made after seven days after the event is held. With so many events happening, Unibet is surely a happening website to log onto.