World’s Largest Online Poker Company Heads For The Fastest-Growing Smartphone Market

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The largest online poker company of the world Amaya Inc. will soon enter into the smart phone market, which is the fastest growing market.

The owner of PokerStars Amaya Inc. will soon be renamed ‘The Stars Group Inc.’ has plans to start its services in India. The company will start its operation in India, partnering with local companies by the end of 2017. The company has been lured by the 1.2 billion mobile users in the country.

CEO of the company Rafi Ashkenazi after finishing the annual meeting in Montreal said “The country is booming and we want to come in here in time. We want to ensure that we remain the market leader as usual when it comes to poker.”

The venture of company in India and the United States proposed legislation for possible make of online poker legal in some states of the U.S could Amaya Inc. to overcome the revenue loss it has faced in Australia.

As far as the legal clarity of online poker in India is concerned, then India too lack on that front. In the country some states have given license to some online poker companies based on the classification that their products are the games of skill and not the gambling.

The chief operating officer of the company is presently in India and in talks with people to finalize the agreement details with the local partner, said Ashkenazi. Though, Ashkenazi did not disclose the name of the local partner, but he said the company has licenses of all types.

According to the estimations of KPMG, the online gaming industry of India will get over double to $1 billion by the year 2021. And this will happen by adding 190 million gamers, and the good news is the majority will play it on mobile devices.